BBC Radio WM Talk #TimeToChange

BBC Radio WM talked to Marc Greenwood, Secretary of the National ADASS Workforce Development Network and Head of Business Systems and Continuous Improvement at Coventry City Council, about the new #TimeToCare campaign, launched last week by WMADASS and WME.

Councils and private care homes across the West Midlands have issued an urgent appeal for hundreds of workers to join their fight against the Covid-19 epidemic. The campaign aims to attract redundant and furloughed workers to carry out essential roles in care across the West Midlands – from assisting people in their personal care to working as catering, maintenance and admin. staff.

Marc says, “Within the social care sector we recognise pressures that care home provider colleagues are struggling with and as part of our response to Covid-19 what we are hoping to do is make sure we provide the right level of support to those small and medium enterprises to make sure they continue providing a successful service and providing care to vulnerable people.”

When asked about how care homes are coping in the current crisis Marc said, “The care workforce has really mobilised and it’s clear to see people are committed to their jobs, which is a testament to the role and sector. People put themselves at the front line to support some of the most vulnerable in our community.”

Marc says it’s important care homes have access to the right people so that they can continue providing care to people when needed.

You can listen to Marc here  (between 2:50:40 – 2:55:30)