If you want to play your part in helping thousands of people in need of care, click on this button to fill in this simple application and register your interest. We will do the rest. Once you are in the West Midlands Social Care Talent Bank, we will match you with a care provider in your area who needs your skills.

Your application will not be complete until you click on the Submit button at the end of the form. Once your application is submitted you will receive a confirmation email that your application has been received.

You will then have completed your registration for the West Midlands Social Care Talent Bank to be reviewed by local councils (supporting Care Providers) and Care Providers themselves against the jobs available.


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All roles (except Registered Nurses)

What kind of work will I be doing?

We know that working with a Care Provider during this COVID-19 period will give you an opportunity to gain hands-on experience and develop a broad understanding of adult social care, regardless of the type of work you do. 

What skills and experience are you looking for?
You don’t need any previous experience of working in adult social care to be considered for these roles. What we need right now are kind, caring and compassionate people to help provide essential services to those who need it most.

Everyone working in social care needs a good standard of English, as well as numeracy and digital skills. You will need to be a self-starter, as well as able to work as part of a team.

Additional skills required to be a care worker include:

  • Organisational skills
  • Good listening and communication skills
  • The ability to understand and follow policies and procedures
  • Good writing skills to fill in care plans
What qualities should people have to work in care?
While every role requires some core life skills like teamwork and problem solving, it’s your values, behaviour and attitude that will set you apart. So if you’re the sort of person who treats others with respect, listens to their needs, understands their emotions, and is warm, kind and honest, then social care could be the career for you.

Registered Nurses

What skills and experience are you looking for?

The Care Provider will be looking for relevant previous skills and experience of working in Adult Social Care. They will require people with knowledge of caring for adults with care needs, legislation and those who are committed to achieving the best for people of the region.

Will I need to re-register with the relevant regulatory body?
If you have been out of practice please refer to the Nursing and Midwifery Council Temporary Register COVID Guidance.

Questions related to all roles

How and in what capacity will I be employed?
Information such as the duration and nature of the role and employment status will be shared with you once you have been matched to a role and ahead of you agreeing to take it up.
Who would I be working for?
You will be working with Care providers that provide nursing.
Within your application you can select which area(s) of the region you would like to be considered for. You then be matched to care providers that are based within the area(s) selected by you for your application to be considered.
How long will I be needed for?
This depends on how much support is required. The Care Provider will contact you as and when they need your support to fill the role. Each time your support is needed, they will explain how many hours you are required to do and over how many days.
Will training be provided?
Training will be given where necessary to ensure you know the essentials and will depend on the role you are matched to and the duties you will undertake. Each Care Provider will ensure you receive the appropriate training before you begin work in the role.
Will Personal Protective Equipment be available?
The appropriate Personal Protective Equipment will be available to you where required. The Care Provider will discuss this with you before you start working with them as part of their policies and procedures to keep both you and their residents safe.
Will I come into contact with people who may have COVID-19?
This is a possibility but each Care Provider will have processes in place to keep both you and their residents safe.
These will be discussed with you prior to starting in the role along with the training and equipment to be provided.
What support will be in place in case I need to ask for help - for example from a Care Home Manager?
You will be fully supported by the Care Provider you work for. They will tell you who your line manager is, which team you are working in, and who you contact for help and support and how.
Can I do additional work if I am a furloughed?
If your employer says you’re ‘furloughed’, this means they are using the Coronavirus Job Retention scheme and you are still employed by them while you’re not working.

The government will only pay your employer if they have evidence you’ve been furloughed.

Your employer should have sent you a letter or email explaining you’ll be paid through the scheme. If they haven’t, ask for confirmation in writing.

If you want to get another job while you’re furloughed
You can work somewhere else if your contract with your current employer states you can. Getting a new job won’t affect your furlough pay but if you get a new job, you should make sure:

  • you can go back to work for the employer who furloughed you when they decide to take you back;
  • you complete the starter checklist form with your new employer. You will need to complete Section C.

Your employer can still make you redundant while you’re on furlough or afterwards.

Who will pay me and how?
You will be paid directly by the Care Provider who employs you.
When will I hear back from you?
On receipt of your application it will be available in the West Midlands Social Talent Bank to be considered and/or matched to available roles.

You may not be contacted straight away but either the local council or Care Provider will get in touch with you directly if they wish to discuss your application further.

Will I have an interview?
Yes. The interview will most likely be via telephone or video technology such as Skype, Microsoft Teams or Facetime. If you have any difficulties accessing or using this technology please let the local concil or Care Provider know when they contact you and they will support you.
Will pre-employment checks and references be required?
Yes. These will be needed in accordance with the requirements of the role. They can currently be carried out virtually where you scan and upload the required identification.
Who can I contact if I need help with my application?
Should you have any technical questions about the application or require support with it, please contact the WMJobs team via the support request form below and they will be happy to help. Their helpdesk hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm – Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays.

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